Mahjong Spring Garden

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You can enjoy the lush greenery of the magnificent garden while playing Mahjong Spring Garden – an exciting version of the classic board game.

So, it is classic mahjong, but the proposed layout of tiles differs from the standard “turtle”. The empty spaces make up in the shape of a spider. The layout has an external rectangular contour and a central vertical jumper. The level of mahjong is 4. Find pairs of open tiles with identical pictures in the design of the mahjong pyramid and remove them. Try to disassemble the structure from the tiles.

Do not forget about the edges and the middle, gradually unloading layer after layer. In this version there is a Shuffle button, it will save you from failure. If you find that, there are no moves left, use it and they will appear. However, if you want to set a record in time, we do not recommend using the help of mixing tiles, since each call to it adds 60 seconds to the time counter. How fast can you combine all the mahjong tiles?

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