Shuigo 2

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The game Shuigo 2 is quite interesting and entertaining.

We recommend you to start playing this amazing Shuigo 2 right now. Today for all lovers of puzzle games we present an interesting new game. This time we will deal with fruit harvesting. On the screen, there will be a playing field separated into cells in which various fruits will be located. On the left, we will see the timeline that is necessary for the task.

The main task is to clear the field of fruits. To do this, we need to carefully inspect the field and find the same pictures. As soon as you find such objects, click on them with the mouse. Thus, you select them and the items you find connected by a line will disappear from the screen. For this, you will be given game points. Try to collect as much as possible and then you will go to the next level. The game Shuigo 2 is designed to develop your attentiveness and logical thinking, so be careful and you can go through it to the end and maybe even become a unique champion.

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