Mahjong Mix

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In the game Mahjong Mix, we offer you to solve a bunch of Mahjong-type puzzles.

A pyramid is made of tiles with the drawings and the images of hieroglyphs, plants or figures are applied. All of them you can see on the playing field. You must search for two identical tiles to remove them from the playing field. Dark tiles are impossible to remove, and the highlighted ones are ready to be removed. Of course, if you find the same free pair for them. Carefully inspect the entire pyramid so as not to miss the options. Level time is limited to ten minutes.

You can shuffle items if there are no moves and click on the question mark to get a hint. A real treat for lovers of logic puzzle games. 5 different mahjong solitaires in one game. Play Mahjong Solitaire, the game of mahjong mix, Triple Mahjong, Slide Mahjong and Ten Mahjong. If you forget the rules, at the beginning of each level, the rules of this version of mahjong will be explained. Sometimes, to find the right tile, you need to make a lot of effort.

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