Pikachu Xi Mahjong

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Enjoy this creative and colourful mahjong puzzle game Pikachu Xi Mahjong.

In addition to Pikachu, all the characters from the cartoon are collected here. On one playing field, there will be a large number of their images. You need to select tiles with the same pictures that are nearby and combine them. After that, they will be removed, and the playing field will be clear.

The game will end only when you completely remove the tiles from your playing field. You will have a certain amount of time to do this, so hurry up. You need to quickly look for matches and clear the playing field. For each element, you will get points, which will be summed up for each level and form statistics in the high score table. Levels will become more difficult, and there will be more and more elements. But more time will be added, so there is a chance to pass them all. You need to do it very quickly.

Such games develop your mental and logical abilities and also contribute to improving memory and reaction speed.

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