Classic Mahjong Free Online

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Uncover the secrets of Chinese puzzles and train your wits and vigilance. Classic Mahjong Free is an interesting game that will help you do this. Stacking the tiles attracts attention and immerses you in oriental culture.

How to play Classic Mahjong Free

The player has the opportunity to choose the level of the game. Start with a simple one to understand the algorithm or use the instructions and try your hand at more difficult levels. With each subsequent task, the structure consists of more elements that are arranged in a pyramid. You can recognise images of different themes in the layout of the tiles.

Choose the same tiles and clear the playing field of them. Just click the mouse button or touch the touchscreen and the cubes will disappear, giving you access to the next elements. The bars that are open to the left or right are considered free in the Classic Mahjong Free Online game.


On the screen, you can track how long the Classic Mahjong Free game is going on, as well as how many available moves are left. Use the hints in hopeless situations. An alternative option will be highlighted, or you can use the shuffle option to get a different combination of elements.

Set records by scoring the most points or clearing the board of tiles in the shortest possible time. Compete with your friends or achieve personal victories.
The game allows you to practice your ability to concentrate on a task, solve puzzles, and improve your strategy.

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