Gorillaz Mahjong

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Coloured tiles with icons are arranged chaotically on the wall that hides a beautiful picture in the game Gorillaz Mahjong.

Gorillaz Mahjong is an interesting puzzle game with one but challenging task. Remove random tiles and clean the entire playing field. Click on any group of the same tiles. Tiles are removed, showing either the tile below or space if it is the bottom tile. You can combine them into impressive combinations and earn more points. As soon as you run out of moves, you will be given the last chance. Earn bombs by deleting several groups of pictures at a time with the help of successful combinations. Use bombs to explode pictures of your choice when you have run out of moves.

There are a lot of pictures and at some point, there will be no paired ones and they will have to be blown up. But the number of explosions is limited. Remove these gloomy pictures from the playing field and finish the level, clearing your way with the help of bombs. Be careful because the number of bombs is limited.

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