Mahjong Towers

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The goal of the game Mahjong Towers is to disassemble a tower built of tiles.

To do this, look for pairs of identical tiles and left-click on each of them. Solitaire consists of 12 levels, and everything can be opened for free, simply by selecting the appropriate tower in the menu. A tower can consist of a different number of tiles – from 48 to 288. The difficulty of solitaire is that the game takes place in 3D mode and some tiles are poorly visible. It is most convenient to play by expanding solitaire to the full screen. This way you can carefully examine the images on the game tiles and it is easier to find a pair. You can only remove free tiles those that lie along the edges of the structure. The first levels are the simplest.

There are almost all the tiles that are free. At the following levels, to gain access to the lower tiles it is necessary to remove the upper ones first. You can not rush, but foresee and remember several options for steps that you must follow in sequence.

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