Free Majong

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Do you have free time and don’t want to waste it? Relax and improve yourself with Free Majong. This interesting and addictive game is based on traditional oriental board games. Turn on your guess, concentrate as much as possible and the victory is yours.

How to play Free Majong?

The Majong game has several levels, each of which is different in complexity. In front of the player are blocks with bright images. These can be hieroglyphs, coloured circles, images of people, animals or plants.

Carefully examine all the tiles, find the same pair of pictures and click on them. If you make the right choice, the tiles will disappear from the field, giving you access to the next elements. Choose those cubes that are highlighted in a brighter colour. The rest are blocked and cannot be paired. The timer counts down the time spent on solving the puzzle.


When the playing field is empty, the player can move on to the next level of the Majong game. You can overcome difficult combinations with the help of hints. An alternative move, or rather two identical tiles, will be highlighted.

Majong: Game options

In case of a deadlock, you can use the shuffle option and change the location of the images. When a level is completed, the player has access to the next, more difficult task.

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