Mahjong Tropical

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In the game Tropical Mahjong, we will go to a tropical island to join a group of friends.

In the afternoon, they spend time on the beach swimming and sunbathing in the sand under the sun. In the evenings, gathering for a cup of tea, they spend time playing various games. Today they decided to play Tropical Mahjong. We will also take part in this fun.

On the screen, you will see game tiles with drawings on them. They will lie in the form of geometric shapes on top of each other. You need to carefully inspect them and find the same. You select them with the click of a mouse, and they will disappear from the playing field, and you will get points. A relaxing summer atmosphere with warm, silky sand and your favourite mahjong board game, what could be better. Choose from 16 available tropical tile layouts and enjoy the game.

Of course, playing mahjong with hints is too simple, but in this online game, they appear only with prolonged inactivity of the player, which may indicate a lack of knowledge of which move to make.

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