Bahamas Mahjong

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Bahamas Mahjong is a simple modification of the original ancient Chinese puzzle.

On the playing field, you will see a pyramid of blocks, a countdown and a restart button. Everything is extremely simple and should not distract you from the gameplay. The rules, as in most mahjong games, are very close to the classic version. You need to completely clear the playing field from the tiles. This is achieved by combining tiles with identical images. The absence of clues makes passing the level even more exciting and thrilling, which also makes the player do his best, demonstrating his search capabilities.

The features also include the complete absence of a time scale, which makes it possible to carefully think through your moves and carefully look for the tiles you need. Mahjong is completely free and any fan of this genre can devote an evening or any other time to this interesting leisure. Start your adventure in the world of search and the right choice right now, and demonstrate to others the record levels.

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