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Bright and challenging games in your smartphone. Skydom invites you to the fairy-tale kingdom of sweets. The sweet theme and unique game modes will not leave anyone indifferent. Choose a character and go on a journey.

How to play Skydom

The player’s task is to collect a certain number of individual symbols of the same colour. To do this, put the same elements in a row of three or more and other shapes. For a successful combination, the player receives boosters that can be used to collect the necessary symbols faster. Move images, swap them with neighbouring tiles.


Get helpers as a reward: lighter buttons blow up the symbols around them, elements with a longitudinal stripe destroy the entire row, and multi-coloured balls will clear the field of objects of the same colour. A bottle of potion repaints symbols.

In addition to individual games, participants will be able to demonstrate their skills in duels. Compete with your opponent, complete the mission in the shortest possible time, and win.

Each subsequent level is more difficult than the previous one and differs in the configuration of the playing field and the presence of blocked tiles.
The game trains mindfulness, improves logical and spatial thinking, and creates a desire to win.

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