Jewish Mahjong

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If you like three in a row puzzle, then try to go through some levels of this bright and exciting puzzle Jewish Mahjong.

Jewish Mahjong is an addictive puzzle game, which uses gems of different colours. It makes the player think logically and choose the most suitable move depending on the game situation. The game has more than 500 levels and stages. There are both simple and complex, with restrictions on the number of moves and time. During the game, the user will encounter many difficulties and new elements. The main plot is aimed at fulfilling strategic tasks. If you pass all of them successfully, you will receive coins and endless lives. The rules are simple.

You need to put the same objects gems, jewellery, stars and so on in one row of three or more pieces. The longer the row, the more points you can earn. Thanks to the variety of modes, you will not get bored and can have fun. There are bonuses, but they should be spent prudently only in the most difficult situations.

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