Mahjong Chain

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Play this impressive game Mahjong Chain to test your logical thinking and patience.

Mahjong Chain invites all the players to play this addictive game. You can see a playing rectangular field completely covered with tiles with various symbols on them. For the limited time displayed at the bottom of the screen, you need to completely clear the playing field. Click on two paired pictures to connect them with a line and remove them from the playing field. They can be removed only if two identical tiles are selected with the mouse.

They should either be next to each other or connected with a line. This line connecting paired tiles should have no more than two angles. Tiles that do not meet these conditions will not be available for selection. You will remove them later. Those tiles that were higher will move to the place of the missing tiles at the bottom. So the initial alignment is constantly changing. At any time, you can use the tips that indicate the appropriate tiles to select.

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