Classic Mahjong

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Classic Mahjong is an Asian board puzzle game.

One player makes up the playing field and the other player must take all the tiles out of it. They can only be taken in two pieces if the pictures on them coincide and they are not blocked on the sides. Select the tile using the left mouse button then click on the second one. The same classic mahjong game will plunge you into the world of logic and attentiveness since you need to find tiles with the same images in a short time and remove them from the playing field. When all tiles are removed, the level is considered passed and you are awarded points, as well as bonuses for the speed of passing.

This mahjong is multi-level and with each level, the complexity of the game increases, and the number of tiles and figures that are folded with them also increases. The progress in complexity is associated with the distance at which there may be tiles with the same pattern and the drawings as well as their variety. The level will be completed when all the tiles disappear.

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