Candy Rain 7

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Vivid graphics, tasks that are accessible and understandable to everyone, interesting stories and game modes. Candy Rain 7 captivates from the very first minutes. Mingle around the map, move from stop to stop, use your wits and concentration and win.

How to play Candy Rain 7

There is a route in front of the player. Each stop on the map is a mission to complete. Get the task and start the game. Collect the required number of chips of a certain shape. The theme of the Candy Rain 7 game is sweets, so look carefully at the bright and colourful jelly sweets, lollipops and cookies on the field.

To add candies to your score, put them in a row of three or more. To do this, hold down the button and drag the chip to the next place. This way, the sweet elements will change places. When the chips disappear, the next ones move to their place. Try to choose the images that have the specified number of pieces to be collected to complete the mission.


The player has a limited number of moves to complete the task. Boosters will help you complete the mission. Use shuffling, hints, hammers, and other options to complete tasks faster.

A bright game gives a positive mood, distracts from everyday activities and trains thinking and concentration.

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