Free Candy Crush Games

Candy Crush Games are colourful puzzles for all fans of intellectual games. Simple and clear rules, colourful design, and original tasks have made this category one of the most popular.

Rules of the Game

Candy Match 3, Cookie Crush 4, Candy Match 2, Candy Rain 7, Skydom puzzles have similar gameplay. The player must collect three or more identical elements in a row to complete the task he received at the beginning.

By collecting a specified number of certain symbols, you can complete the level. By combining four or more identical images, the participant receives boosters. These blocks are distinguished by horizontal or vertical stripes.

These elements help to remove all the playing blocks in a row or column. Multi-coloured symbols allow you to remove all candies of the same type. It is enough to combine such an element with two other blocks.

Solitaire Mahjong Candy differs from previous puzzles and resembles a traditional Chinese mahjong board game. The tiles are arranged in several levels. To free the field of all the blocks, you need to pair them, choosing only free elements that are open on the right or left sides.

Options in Games

All games have a time limit, a point counter, and certain hints. The player receives explosive boosters that remove all elements of the same colour or the entire row or column. Unlock additional hints as you complete levels. Remove blocks with a magic wand, rockets and other boosters.

Solitaire Mahjong Candy comes with hints. To find a pair of blocks for the next game, just click on the question mark. Two tiles will be highlighted on the screen or highlighted in a different colour.

Puzzle games in this category attract attention with their colourful design and theme. You need to collect bright sweets, candies, and coloured caramels in pairs or in a row. The entertainment trains mindfulness, helps to relax and distract from everyday problems.