World of Warcraft Mahjong (WOW)

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Fans of the legendary World of Warcraft game will undoubtedly enjoy this version of the Mahjong puzzle.

Accordingly to the standard rules of the logic game to win you need to combine all the same pictures in pairs. In this case, you can combine only those tiles that lie side by side or on the same line. Do not forget about time, which is constantly decreasing. The difference from the usual classic Mahjong is the choice of class at the start of the game. The tiles no longer show oriental symbols and pictures, but images familiar to any WOW player.

The style invariably resembles Warcraft, and features are similar to those who are familiar with the World of Warcraft. At first, the player will have to choose a character. While passing other levels, he will be able to open the remaining characters. Purpose of the game is to find tiles that depict the same abilities and combine them. Hurry up to combine all the pairs before the end of the strip of lives, which indicates time. This game will be especially interesting and attractive to fans of the Warcraft universe.

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