Match Mahjong

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For all card game lovers, we are introducing the new Match Solitaire Solitaire

In it, you will need to disassemble the stacks of cards that will lie on the game cloth in front of you. Some of the cards will lie face down and you will see what dignity they are.

Carefully inspect everything you see and find cards of the same value, but of opposite suits. For example, it will be five worms and peak. You will need to click on them with the mouse and thus remove them from the playing field. These actions will earn you points. Thus, you will perform these actions to clear the field of cards. Play Match Mahjong with maximum attention and ingenuity.

Your task is to clear the surface of cards, and you can remove them only in pairs. So you should look for the same cards and click on them with the mouse, and you need to show not only attention but also quick wits because one annoying mistake can stop the game. Each time, a variety of card designs will appear in front of you, which will not be easy to disassemble.

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