Mahjong Connect 6

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Mahjong Connect 6 is a rather hard mahjong puzzle game.
In the Mahjong Connect 6, you should remove the tiles from the playing field like you used to do it in the usual Classic mahjong puzzles. From the beginning, the entire playing field is full of mahjong tiles.

Your task will be to remove all tiles in pairs. There is a red timeline at the top of the screen. Within this time, you have to remove 2 tiles from the playing field until it is completely cleared. The high score is automatically transmitted in the background. If you are not a professional or skilful player you might need a miracle to make it to the final level of this challenging online version of the classic board game. Team up with this wise panda while you matching up all the tiles. Click on free pairs which can be connected with a line.

Remember, that this line should have no more than two edges. The faster you do it, the more points you will get. Have fun with this addictive online game.

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