Mahjong Escape

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After completing the Mahjong Escape game, you will evaluate yourself differently.

You will become a completely different person – more self-confident. The Mahjong Escape game will attract the attention of fans to spend free time in logical battles. You will forget all the other mini-games because this game will appeal to everyone, without exception, and will be wonderful entertainment. You will not only take advantage of all your ingenuity, at the same time practice your logical and imaginative thinking but also enjoy the beautiful and high-quality graphics and excellent musical design.

Your wanderings begin in Ancient China about 4000 years ago. Find a pair for each golden magic tile and make an exciting journey through 11 Dynasties. Discover the secrets of ancient wisdom and find all the lost treasures of dynasties. Enjoy over 175 levels, 6 different tile layouts and 15 game backgrounds. And 5 additional features will help you during your trip.

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