Mahjong 247

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This board game requires maximum concentration. We present you another version of the amazing puzzle game Mahjong 247.

The game begins with the tiles mixed on the playing field and laid out in the form of figures. The most common figure is a turtle. It can be called a pyramid. You can open two tiles which are located on the same level in one move. The game Mahjong RVFR is very simple. To begin with, you will be asked to go through test levels in order to deal with the system and the images of the tiles.

When the level is completed, i.e. if all tiles are removed from the playing field, then the rating of your progress on that day is affixed and asterisks appear in the main menu. This rating depends on the speed of passing the level. If you do not like the result of any day, it can be improved by replaying this level. If you select the wrong one when you click on one shape, the selection is removed. When only opened pairs remain on the playing field, they are automatically removed and you go to the next level.

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