Tiki Mahjong

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Tiki Mahjong is the closest version of the classic ancient Chinese game.

The unusual style of the game design will allow the player to immerse in the exciting gameplay. This time you will play mahjong on the theme of the ancient pagan gods. On the tiles, you can see images of ancient totems. The main goal of Tiki Mahjong is to fully analyze the playing field. For the tiles to disappear, you need to select a pair of identical images. You need to choose only those tiles that have at least one free side. A distinctive feature of this puzzle is a large number of levels.

Each of them has an individual design and the arrangement of tiles and shapes of pyramids. Each of the existing levels requires a unique approach from the player to find the right solution. Graphics is fundamentally different from other variants and boasts a very detailed image. The sound component is also on top. During the game, you can listen to pleasant music, which will allow you to relax after a hard day.

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