Mahjong Jungle

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Meet the interesting and colourful luxury Mahjong Jungle.

This version of the game depicts various animals and birds that live in forests and impenetrable jungle. This is an interesting game based on classic mahjong. Large tiles contain images of animals that live mainly in the jungle. Gorillas and parrots, bamboo groves and winding rivers surrounded by rugged vegetation, panthers and crocodiles – this is only a part of the list of what you will find here.

The puzzle is solved, like the classic mahjong solitaire. Look for identical creatures located on the edges of the pyramid and remove them with a click. The timer is located in the lower right corner. The faster you complete the level, the more bonus points you will get. To successfully solve the puzzle, you must delete all the elements. Hurry up, an exciting journey through the jungle is waiting for you. Collect as many points as possible to be among the best players. If you are at a loss to make a move, you can use the hint. Discover many unique animals, passing as many levels as possible.

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