Taiwan Mahjong

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On the playing field of Taiwan Mahjong, tour task will be to search for identical pictures.

The game aims to clear the game board by connecting pairs of objects with the same symbols. You can only select items that are not blocked by other items on the right and left sides. Select the tiles using the mouse, clicking on the desired symbols. Clicking on them, they should disappear.

But first, make sure that no other tiles are lying on the tiles or that nothing supports them on the sides. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove these tiles from the playing field. To simplify your task a little, you can use the hint for the earned points. If you don’t see a proper pair, you can use a bomb which will destroy two tiles, and mixing that will give you a chance to quickly find additional pairs for them to disappear. Also, there is a timer in the game.

You should try to remove all the tiles before the end of the game. The faster you remove them, the more points you can get per level.

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