Pirates Mahjong

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The search for pirates’ overseas treasures is always interesting and exciting. Play Pirates Mahjong game and embark on a journey of original symbols and objects. Go level by level and enjoy colourful graphics, easy to understand tasks and endless rewards.

How to play Pirates Mahjong game

The goal of the Pirates Mahjong game is to collect the maximum number of stars for each level and open access to the next task. Disassemble the tile structure, find identical images and clear the playing field of them. Only active tiles are involved in the game, that is, those that are freely accessible from the left or right, they are highlighted.


You can get a maximum of three stars. The first is for successfully completing a level. The second star is awarded if you do not use any hints. The third reward will appear if the puzzle is solved before the time on the timer runs out.


The player can receive a daily reward in the form of gems. Complete the tasks without hints and within the allotted time and the prizes will be on your account. In addition, rewards will be added to the account for completing the first game, for opening the first five levels, and other achievements.

This traditional oriental puzzle game trains attention, ability to focus on the task, and thinking. Create a successful strategy and win.

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