Flower Dimensions

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Check out the interesting and colourful solitaire Flower Dimensions.

This is a three-dimensional version of mahjong, with an exciting and interesting flower design. It will make you more attentive and faster, while at the same time strengthening your memory and logic. In this game, you will have the opportunity to become an experienced player. Go through all the levels and achieve the highest results.

More than 70 fascinating levels with colourful drawings of flowers and pictures of garden tools are provided for your attention. To complete the level you need to look for a pair of free cubes with the same patterns and remove them from the playing field. The cubes depict a variety of flowers and other things. You need to find the same pairs located on the edges of the cube and remove them with a mouse click.

Mahjong has a time limit, so you need to hurry. To find the identical cubes, it is possible to scroll through the structure of them. Good luck with learning and completing Flower Dimensions.

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