Sea Mahjong

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Sea Mahjong is a classic mahjong game with sea creatures and exciting levels.

Cute colourful fish, seaweed, stars, crabs and a huge number of other marine inhabitants are conveniently placed on the tiles of our Sea Mahjong. At each level, you will see a pyramid on the screen. As soon as you start playing and removing the paired tiles with the same images, the timer will begin to count the time. This suggests that you should quickly find the right combinations. If there are no moves, use the shuffle button. Each pair found and removed brings you some points.

In the game Sea Mahjong, your strategy and logic are the most important. As a result, you have a combination of two identical tiles. You need to apply the correct sequence when cleaning the tiles. After all, everything is interconnected. Many players and people of different generations use mahjong to train their logical abilities. Among the advantages, the game develops perseverance and attentiveness. Start solving the puzzle now. Perhaps it will become one of your favourite games.

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