Mystical Bird Link

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Enjoy a journey in the Mystical Birdlink game to free beautiful birds.

The game has 54 levels, during which you can score 162 gold coins. Points are calculated for connecting cages with birds. The cubes depict a variety of different colourful birds. They are depicted in the style of rock primitive painting, and some of them resemble ancient Egyptian frescoes and drawings.

When two identical pictures are connected, a green branch grows between them. Then both pictures disappear and a bird flies away. After that, a player gets some points. Tiles should be placed so that nothing interferes with the connecting line. The connected elements will fly apart into fragments, and beautiful colourful flocks will fly away to enjoy freedom.

Anyone who likes to solve mahjong puzzles will be pleasantly surprised by the Mystical Birdlink game. This is not just collecting and removing paired elements, but a real adventure. Let’s strain the brain in the challenging Mystical Birdlink puzzle game.

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