Mahjong Everyday

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Today you will play Mahjong Everyday puzzle game.

In it, you will play one of the types of board games that came to us from Japan. Yes, we will play mahjong. Now we will remind you of the rules of the game. On the playing, there will be tiles with drawings applied to them. They will be in the form of various geometric shapes. We need to disassemble this design. You will do this in this way. Having carefully studied the playing field, you must find the same tiles. When you see these, click on them with the mouse to select them. As soon as you do this, they will disappear from the playing field and they will bring you points for it.

It is possible to use the hints in this version, but the player is not limited by the clue time. Thus, we gradually clear the playing field and move on to the next level, which will be much more difficult. Mahjong Everyday game belongs to the category of puzzles and all players who like to solve various puzzles will have fun playing it. Open Mahjong Everyday on our website and enjoy this amazing and interesting game.

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