Black and White Mahjong

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Black and White Mahjong is a good old mahjong.

The difficulty is that white tiles interact only with black tiles. This only adds to the interest. This game, based on the name Black and White Mahjong, has one unique feature from the classic version. The rules do not differ from the original version of the game. You need to find two paired tiles with the same image. One of them must be black and the other one white.

There are no levels in the game, but you can choose one of three layouts. The game has a time limit. You will have only 20 minutes. There are buttons “Help”, “Shuffle” and “Pause”. You can also change the background in the game.

There are 6 different options to choose from. The design of the tiles is classic. They do not merge with any of the proposed backgrounds. The goal of the game is in passing levels by removing tiles from the playing field following the rules. It is important to match the logical compatibility of the picture, with the images of flowers or animals, without observing the colour.

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