Mahjong Quest 3

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Welcome to Mahjong Quest 3. Mahjong Quest 3 offers you to play in 4 different worlds, according to the number of points of the compass.

Each world has an unusual game mode, special test and victory conditions. You will see the tiles laid out on the playing field in various configurations. Your task is to get rid of them, completely clearing the playing field. Match identical tiles or flower tiles with any other flower tile, seasons with any seasons. Sounds simple enough, right? Do not jump to conclusions. The main difficulty of the game

Mahjong Quest 3 is that most of the tiles are blocked by others. To be selected, the top face and one of the vertical sides of the tile must be free. According to traditional rules, the goal of the game is to clear the playing field by matching all the tiles. And in the mahjong modes Puzzle and Quest you need to achieve the goal by combining the bright yellow game tiles. In some cases, you need to find not two, but three identical tiles. You can also complete the quest with the help of magic skills. Immerse yourself in the adventure and choose the test that suits you better.

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