Animals Mahjong Games

Animals Mahjong Games is a series of colourful puzzles for all fans of solitaire regardless of age. Players will find classic gameplay for this category along with bright thematic images on the tiles.


Games in this category have classic gameplay and puzzle-solving rules. The goal of the game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field.

Removing Blocks

To remove blocks, you should choose identical pictures. Click only on the active elements, i.e. those that are adjacent to each other and share a common side. You can also combine those elements between which you can draw a line with no more than two turns. There should be no obstacles on the way.

Mahjong Farm

Mahjong Farm games have a different gameplay. The player should click on those blocks that have a free left or right side and are not covered from above.

Time Limit

The player has a limited time to complete the task. The game timer records this period. All blocks must be removed before the time is up. The duration of each game is different, so the player can practice their skills and choose the optimal mode.

Dream Pet Link Series

Dream Pet Link 2 and Dream Pet Link 3 allow you to choose a difficulty mode – easy and hard. A real challenge awaits the player.


For each pair of blocks collected, the participant receives points to his or her account. After collecting the maximum number of points, the participant can set a record and continue the game, improving their results. The game has bonus points that are awarded automatically for unused time.


All games in this category offer to overcome difficult situations in the game by using hints. The number of such options is limited. Click on the appropriate symbol on the screen and use the desired function. The light bulb icon indicates system hints. Two identical elements will be highlighted on the screen, which you can select for the next move if you find it difficult to find identical elements on your own.

A traditional feature of puzzles is the shuffle function. All tiles on the screen change their position and thus form a new combination of blocks, which allows you to find the next move to continue the game.


Enjoy vivid images of wild animals and pets. Depending on the theme, the player will get acquainted with a variety of wildlife and domestic animals. Mahjong Farm also offers additional symbols that are related to the theme of the game: berries, food and other elements.