Mahjong Candy Cane

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When you want snow and Christmas miracles, or when winter is knocking on the window, open an interesting game that will perfectly complement your mood. Mahjong Candy Cane is a logic puzzle that gives you positive impressions and a desire to win.

How to play Mahjong Candy Cane

There are tiles with different images on the board. The bars are arranged in several levels. The goal of the Mahjong Candy Cane game is to free the field from the cubes and get the maximum number of points on the score.

Look at the pictures and choose the same ones. Pairs of identical tiles will disappear if you click on them with the mouse button. Only free tiles can be combined. These are the elements that are open on the left or right side, or are located at the very top of the structure.

You can double your score by pairing cubes with the corresponding signs. You can also increase the points earned by four and six times. In addition to the total score, players can get extra points for completing the task quickly. To do this, just follow the timer on the screen and try to clear the playing field of dice before the time runs out.

Additionally, the screen has a counter of available pairs of bars. After each subsequent move, their number may decrease or increase. develop your own strategy and go through level after level as quickly as possible.

Themed cubes with images of Christmas sweets and New Year’s symbols will give you a pleasant time of relaxation and festive mood.

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