Mahjong Animal Connect 2

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Mahjong Animal Connect 2 has the same rules as other Chinese puzzles of this type.

The goal of the game is to make out a figure on the playing field by connecting pairs of animals. The game is designed with very high quality. The graphics, although simple, but stylish, are distinguished by a special Asian sophistication. Textures have high resolution. This also applies to pictures on tiles. All animals are painted in bright colours, and the style resembles drawings from children’s cubes or the alphabet.

The species connection of the characters can be determined without difficulty. To distinguish animals from each other will also work without problems. Two tools will help the player – “Hints” and “Shuffle”. The first will show you the best way to go. And the second will put the tiles in a more favourable position for the player, from which it is easier and more fun to collect pairs. With each level, there will be more types of animals that need to be saved from trouble. Although this will not add much time.

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