Jewel Quest

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Jewel Quest is a 3-in-a-row puzzle game with a total of 72 levels .

Explore the ancient world, passing classic levels with precious stones that need to be folded in a line. Extremely simple rules are implemented here. It is necessary to move the figures in different directions to get lines of three things of the same type. Gradually, you need to paint the whole field in gold colour. If you manage, you can see part of the story of the hero’s adventures. At each level, you need to combine in a row of three or more crystals. Below them are tiles that will turn into gold after the destruction of crystals.

In addition to crystals in the Jewel Quest game, there are coins, which, also collecting three in a row, will allow you to remove one crystal from the playing field. The goal of each level is to turn all the tiles into gold, while it is necessary to meet the deadlines. As the game progresses, the gameplay becomes more complicated, fields of irregular shape and the location of crystals in hard-to-reach places appear.

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