Monster Mahjong

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In the game Monster Mahjong, you will find yourself in a country where lively and carefree monsters live.

Every day they wake up, they are engaged in various personal matters, and in the evening gathered together they play various games. Today they decided to play the Monster Mahjong puzzle.

This is a type of Chinese mahjong and we will also take part in the game. Square tiles with painted monsters will be visible on the playing field. They will be mixed, and part will lie on top of each other. You must examine everything carefully and find two monsters of the same colour and type. Select them with a click, and they disappear from the screen. You will be awarded points for these actions. Colourful graphics in the game will allow you to quickly understand the details of the game. And the task is the following: you need to find the same tiles with pictures, and remove them from the playing field.

The goal is to completely clear the territory, and then you will go to the next level.

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