Mahjong Express Zibbo

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Mahjong Express Zibbo is a classic board game, without many levels and time tracking.

Do you want to play non-standard, extraordinary mahjong? Then you should choose Mahjong Express Zibbo. Typically, mahjong is the search and connection of two identical tiles. Among the classical mahjong in the solo version, the Mahjong Express Zibbo are found more often than others. Its special layout is recognized at a glance. It looks like a pyramid or a turtle. Logic and attentiveness will help you clear the playing field of tiles and prove that you are a true mahjong master.

This online puzzle provides three difficulty modes, the main purpose of which is to split the presented pyramid consisting of tiles into pairs. Only free tiles located on the sides open on top can be removed. Look for the right combinations to clear the playing field. There will not be many levels in Mahjong Express Zibbo. Try to pass that one that is available. The puzzle challenges you but you have to win.

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