Faces Mahjong

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Play unusual and at the same time funny Faces Mahjong game.

In this logical game, the tiles are Asian male and female faces. In the process of disassembling the puzzle a hidden picture will open in the background. Among all the puzzles, Faces Mahjong stands out qualitatively. Here, as in many other games, you need to look for the same images among faces. If you want to develop your attentiveness, it is worth playing the full-screen mahjong game.

It will be much easier to distinguish the people depicted on the tiles. The goal of the game is to find identical faces, connect them and thus clear the playing field. A secret picture is hidden in the background. At each level it is different.

Try to see them all. At first, it will be difficult to play mahjong with different faces, but soon you will learn how to easily distinguish between them. If you can’t find a couple of faces, you can use the hint. There are 6 of them at each level. The first move, however, always needs to be done without any help.

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