Fruits Link Match 3

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Test your wits and speed. A colourful puzzle game with juicy fruits will become your favourite game for free time. Play Fruits Link Match 3 and collect identical images in a chain and get the maximum number of points.

How to play Fruits Link Match 3

Coloured fruits and berries are depicted on the board in rows. The player’s task is to connect them in a chain. Choose only identical elements that are adjacent vertically, diagonally or horizontally. When connecting the images, hold down the button and do not release it. As soon as the button clicks, the chain is broken.

You can combine at least three fruits. The tasks become more difficult gradually, which allows you to practice your skills.

The more tiles you match, the more points you get on your score and the longer the time. Act quickly and without pauses. The timer scale is constantly moving and as soon as the last second runs out, the game ends.

Each successful combination replenishes the timer and adds points to the player’s account. You can see the best score of previous games on the screen. Reach the top and set your own record.

The game trains mindfulness, logical thinking, and improves the ability to quickly group and sort objects. If you have free time, solve the colourful puzzles of Fruits Link Match 3.

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