Candy Connect

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Relax after your daily routine by playing a simple game and enjoying the sweet theme. Candy Connect is a popular puzzle game with simple rules that attracts players for a long time. Demonstrate your wit, attentiveness, and logic.

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There are lollipops and jellies in some of the cells on the board. Find the same elements and connect them with a line that can turn and break at right angles. Do not allow any intersections. Think about the location of the lines and then use the moves.

Hold down the mouse button on a single element and move it around the playing field without releasing it. The same principle works when you play on the touchscreen.

You need to connect objects so that each cell is filled. As you complete the task, the moves used, the number of pairs matched, the best score, and the percentage of the board area covered are counted.

The game has no time limit. Enjoy original tasks, try out possible combinations, and win with the highest score in the game.
The player will be able to train his brain by completing hundreds of different missions. Focus on puzzles and take a break from everyday activities.

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