Celtic Mahjong

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In the game Celtic Mahjong, your task is to pick up 2 identical tiles to remove them from the playing field.

You can click only on the free tiles. A tile is free if it is not blocked by others and at least one of its sides is free. In this case, you can select only those characters that are not surrounded by others on the right and left sides.

This game aims to completely clear the playing field of tiles with pictures of Celtic themes. You need to select two identical symbols, then the tiles with their images will disappear from the playing field. The playing field of the Celtic Mahjong has several layers, so the lower symbols cannot block the upper ones. So you can even choose from the centre of the field. You can combine tiles with different colours, but with the same pictures on them. The game has hints. Use this function with caution, as it reduces points and shows a random available move instead of the best. In order not to get bored, about a dozen types of design of various boards are available in the game. You can continue from the level where you could reach.

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