Bubbles Connect

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The original game with bright graphics is waiting for you. Play Bubbles Connect game and connect coloured bubbles. You can spend hours relaxing and getting an unrivalled experience by completing the tasks of each level and climbing the ranking.

How to play Bubbles Connect

Coloured bubbles are randomly placed on the board. The player’s task is to connect the balls with a continuous line. You can move vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The line cannot intersect or jump over one cell. At the bottom of the screen there are slots with digital values. The ball, falling into a particular cell, brings the player a certain number of points.

The game has a limited number of moves. Try to connect the maximum number of bubbles at a time. The player receives rewards for the longest chains.


Boosters help in difficult situations. The bomb destroys the balls around it. Fireworks remove elements horizontally and vertically. The coloured flower removes balls of the same colour.

Follow the leaders of the game and defeat them. A ribbon with photos of the winners from the list of players moves at the top. Score more points than their record and get gifts.

The game requires attentiveness and logical thinking. A positive mood and relaxation with bright balls is guaranteed.

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