Summer Mahjong

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Become more eloquent and witty in the game Summer Mahjong.

In the game Summer Mahjong, you need to choose the right pair for each tile. To achieve this goal you need to follow several rules. A tile can only be split if it is matched with an identical one. But you can remove only those tiles, that have one of their long sides unblocked. It does not matter the right or the left side. However, the player has a few useful tips. There are two useful tools in this game that can greatly help you. One of them can highlight a possible pair, and the Shuffle button can rearrange the position of the tiles.

The last of three hints completely shift the tiles on the playing field creating new combinations. It is important, that you can use the hints endlessly. The player does not lose his points. Do not use the hints often. Tiles have small details which differ them from others. The best solution is to play in full screen. It allows you to see every tiny spot on the tile. Shuffling should be used only as a last resort.

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