Fairy Triple Mahjong

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In the game Fairy Triple Mahjong, you will help create the magic of a young fairy using magic tiles.

If you are a true fan of mahjong, do not miss the chance to play the original version of the popular puzzle in this online game. You will find colourful mahjong, in which you have to find not two, but directly three identical tiles.

This is a great workout for mindfulness and thinking. In the game, you will go to the fairyland of fairies. Fairies love to play puzzles, so they came up with triple mahjong. Today they offer you to test your intelligence and try to defeat them in puzzles. Find tiles are placed in empty cells at the top of the game. When a combination of three identical ones is collected, they will disappear.

Fairy Triple Mahjong differs from the traditional one in that you must find and remove not two identical tiles, but three. It takes triple attention to find the elements you need. Then test your skills in Fairy Triple Mahjong. Show everything you can and prove that you are the best player in the world.

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