Candy Mahjong

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Immerse in this addictive game and get yourself crazy appetite.

This time, instead of Chinese characters, you will have to combine different sweets and candies. If you are a true fan of solving all kinds of puzzles you will enjoy Candy Mahjong. Sweet candies are located throughout the playing field and you need to clear it completely. All these goodies perched on the tiles of the game. Your task is to connect all the same tiles with sweets. For each connection, you get 200 points. For each level, you have 5 minutes to complete the game.

The goal is to remove all elements from the playing field as quickly as possible. Look for the same pairs and click on them. Please note that if you remove tiles from below, the upper ones will move. So be careful not to skip paired combinations. There are also different layouts of tiles in the form of pyramids, arenas, walls and other. You can change them in the right lower corner of the screen. Pick up all the sweets in this exciting game with mouth-watering and delicious food.

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