Girls Mahjong

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In the new Girls Mahjong game, you will have to solve the Chinese Mahjong puzzle.

You will see the tiles with different drawings. You will have to carefully examine the playing field and find two identical images. After that, select them with a mouse click and remove them from the playing field. This action will bring you a certain amount of points.

The design in the game was made in the style of anime. Girls Mahjong is a wonderful and very dynamic game. Here you need to disassemble the traditional mahjong solitaire, assorting pairs of identical tiles. In the process of passing, an image of a beautiful anime girl will open. The game has eight girls, five levels with each new girl in different outfits. Girls Mahjong has a time limit, so you need to act quickly and attentively. The only minus of the game is that the tiles are not very large.

At first, it will be difficult to find the differences. Play this stunning game and have fun. Clean the playing field until the time runs out. Use your mouse to control the game.

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