Fantasy Triple Mahjong

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Discover the secrets of a fantasy land. Colourful characters, miraculous potions, and symbolic objects enchant in Fantasy Triple Mahjong. This interesting puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours. Relax and train your logic, practice your strategy and get a record number of points.

How to play Fantasy Triple Mahjong

The playing field consists of a large number of cubes that are stacked in several levels. The design becomes more complex depending on the level.

The surface of each playing element depicts fairy-tale objects and attributes of wizards and magicians. Find three identical pictures, click on them and clear the playing field. The round is won when all the tiles are gone. You can choose only those cubes that have free right or left sides.

Game timer

There is a timer on the board that shows the time until the end of the game. When the last seconds have passed and there are no more cubes left, the round is considered lost. Start the game over and try to find identical images as quickly as possible.

The information on the screen shows the number of points earned in the round, the level and the time until the end of the game. In a difficult situation, you can use the hints to continue the game.

Improve your logic, thinking and attention and get positive emotions and enjoy a colourful puzzle game.

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