Mahjong Brain

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The game Mahjong Brain is a well-known classic puzzle in a new design.

In the game, the player can flip the structure to find the best option for connecting the tiles. The rules of the game have not changed. The main thing in the game is to disassemble the entire pyramid or another form of construction at a certain time. You can connect the same tiles only if at least one side is free, and no tiles block them on top. In addition to the fact that the game is designed in 3D, the user has the opportunity to choose a variety of game modes. In 3D mahjong, developers tried to create three-dimensional tile designs. Moving the pointer to different parts of the game space in the game causes the image to rotate, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional image.

The game also has a 2D mode. When turning it on, you can fix the picture and make it static. At the same time, it differs from 3D. It’s up to you which mode to choose. The game encourages quick disassembling. If you act quickly, then for each removed pair you can get a certain amount of points.

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