Krismas Mahjong

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Krismas Mahjong will make you feel the real atmosphere of Christmas.

We offer you to engage in a fascinating puzzle, which will also help to practice mindfulness. This solitaire can also help you to develop logical thinking, strategies, situation analysis and much more. Today in the game Kris-mas Mahjong we want to offer to play Mahjong dedicated to this special holiday. On the screen, you will see tiles with drawings on the Christmas theme. Be quick and attentive and carefully examine them all. Among them, there will be tiles with identical images. You need to find these tiles and select them with the click of a mouse. Then they will disappear from the playing field, and you will earn points.

Look for the same Christmas images and remove them from the field, but do not forget about the time. In this puzzle game, your time will be limited. You can see it on the scale on the right from the playing field. The game will be completed when you clear the playing field from all tiles.

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