Tu Mahjong

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Tu Mahjong is a traditional Chinese solitaire, made out of 144 classic tiles.

After choosing one of the tiles, carefully examine the rest of them. Your task is to find a pair for it, a tile with the same image, or of the same type. Moreover, this pair of tiles should not be covered by other tiles, at least from one of the long sides. Of course, no other tile should lie on the other tiles. There are not many pairing schemes in this game and each player uses his own. You can only recall that the incorrectly selected sequence of excavation of tiles from the structure leads to incomplete disassembling. A situation where the tiles remained, but they cannot be removed. This is an interesting feature in the game.

The player requires patience, attention and good observation. The best results are achieved by people who are diligent and with good visual memory. In some layouts of Tu Mahjong, you will find tiles without pictures. It is difficult to say why such tiles are used here. An empty tile can only be a pair of the same empty tile.

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